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Company’s history

The company Václav Cimburek CIVA trans was founded on the 30th July 1990. Similarly to other private firms newly established after November 1989, our experience, enthusiasm and desire to achieve our goals were the main assets we brought into our enterprise. This know-how, an office in a family house with an adjacent plot of land and the first truck with a canvas cover were the beginning of the now strong transport company.
As the company acquired more and more technology and trucks (by 1996 we had 6 trucks with canvas covers, 5 refrigerator trucks and 2 isothermal trucks), it became clear that we could no longer manage a company of this size from a family house and repair vehicles on a green field. Construction of a truck servicing centre and the company's new premises therefore commenced in 1996. The company's new administrative building and an authorised Volvo servicing station were opened after one year of construction work. Our specialisation in the Volvo make was decided long before this - in 1992 when we included the first semi-trailers of this make in our fleet.
As our construction activities did not cease after opening the servicing centre, we started operating a diesel refuelling station in 1998 and in 2001 opened a carwash for trucks, trailers and buses designed for year-round operation. Unfortunately, we soon outgrew even these new premises and the need to extend the servicing capacity led to commencement of further construction activities. An extension to the servicing centre, which significantly expanded the servicing premises, was opened in November 2007. This allowed us to improve the quality and extend the range of our services with a body workshop that included a straightening bench and paint shop. The exceptional servicing facilities equipment included a newly purchased, ultramodern towing truck Volvo FH16 580, 8x4. As our entrepreneurial activities in transport remained a high priority while we improved our technical facilities, our fleet of Volvo trucks was extended by the first deluxe coach of the same make in 2000, followed by an additional two coaches purchased in 2002. At this point the company's fleet comprised 3 isothermal trucks, 15 trucks with canvas covers and 21 refrigerator trucks.
The company does not relent in its efforts to expand the enterprise. By 1.5.2008, we were operating 72 trucks with Volvo (69) and DAF (3) semi-trailers (specifically 27 trucks with canvas covers, 33 refrigerator trucks and 11 tank trucks) and 4 Volvo coaches. The company's development was aimed at further expansion in the South Bohemia region. Construction of a servicing facility for trucks in České Budějovice was commenced in 2001 and the new premises were opened in autumn 2002.
The facilities are currently authorised for Volvo and DAF trucks. The servicing facility in České Budějovice includes a division specialising in Volvo passenger cars, which will soon be relocated to a separate building next to the truck servicing centre. Our network of dealerships and servicing facilities will thus be extended by a modern showroom and servicing facility for Volvo and Land Rover. All of our facilities are staffed by top experts in their chosen fields, who continuously strive to improve their qualifications and are motivated to providing first-class services and contributing to the good reputation of the CIVA trans company.

Václav Cimburek CIVA trans, Rovná 85, 386 01 Strakonice

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